Helpchat is now Tapzo

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Why the change?

One of our users asked us, “Why is your app still called Helpchat when there is no chatting feature in it”? Good question, right? We held a user contest to figure out what the new name should be. And we finally came up with a fantastic answer – Tapzo! Because you can access so many apps with just one tap.

We love our new name and hope you do too!

We’ve added some details below about our name change. Just remember, everything’s the same, except our name.


Important points to note:

    Your account login & info remain the same
    Your Helpchat cash remains as it is and is now called Tapzo Cash
    Validity of purchased deals and coupons still holds as mentioned in the deal detail
    All the connected accounts i.e. Ola, Uber, Nearbuy, Swiggy remain as it is

    Update the Android app here:
    Update the iOS app here:

Please write to in case you have any queries.

59 thoughts on “Helpchat is now Tapzo

  1. New and creative name. But what i think is the app name is changed for second time. As i know first it was Akosha then Heplchat and now Tapzo. This name really looks nice but now try to stick on one name itself so that it should reamin a brand.

  2. Please have an option to add money into wallet so that we can use it more easily. If anyone interested in retailership you can expand your business providing commision. Because your application is most user friendly and fast i have ever seen.

  3. Pls support OUR PM MISSION OF CASHLESS. pls add addmoney option to tapzo wallet so we can buy deals, pay cab payment via tapzo wallet.

  4. Happy that I have found an App. which seems to be good for keeping up the Cell Phone free from all problems like cleaning, anti-virous etc. from time to time automatically iin addition to other services. In short, almost ALL IN ONE, I feel.

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