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The New Year is more than a week old now, and so are our New Year resolutions, by now: beaten, broken and forgotten! But what we probably haven’t forgotten is how much fun we all had, whether it was partying with friends or spending quiet, quality time with family and loved ones. The days pass by… and so do months… and years… but what we are left with, is memories!! And, at Akosha too, we welcomed the New Year 2014 with a bang (well, not literally), and games and music and drinks and great food (no party is complete without the last two. Hic). Let us show you how, with a few photographs…

IMG_9989 (Medium)
The DJs CEO-CTO start the party with uber cool, kickass, grooooovy music.


IMG_0035 (Medium)
And people go crazy over the beats!!!
1505021_10202598685869353_1614656309_n (Medium)
The boys, happily start drinking. Oops! They start drinking first and then become happy!
IMG_9974 (Medium)
While the others happily pose!
collage 1 (Medium)
A collage of the cheerful posers!
collage 2 (Medium)
Another set of jovial pictures!!
IMG_9971 (Medium)
The tech team ecstatic, over winning an award for being the most innovative.
IMG_0043 (Medium)
A happy click with the CEO.
IMG_0105 (Medium)
And the world becomes a happier place after a few drinks and good food.
IMG_0064 (Medium)
It is even better when you’re surrounded with nothing but deliciousness! Food, we mean!
IMG_0112 (Medium)
When all hands (and heads held HIGH), are up in the air!!!
BLOG (Medium)
Doesn’t love make the world go round? Well, in our case, a few clinks here and a little ‘cheer’ing there, does the job!!!

All said and done, this doesn’t even come close to how much fun we really had. But as I said earlier, these memories (and a hundred odd pictures), is all we are left with, in the end. So be sure of making the most of this New Year! Coz this is a new day and we have another chance to get it right (if you aren’t already perfect!). – Richa Vashisht

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